Turkish Delight by Haci Bekir - Whole Almond & Shredded Sweet Coconut Covered, Vegan and Gluten-Free Dessert, Authentic Recipe, 250GR - 8.5OZ Gourmet Gift Bo

  • The SWEET TREAT that swayed Edmund Pevensie in NARNIA and the Ottoman EMPERORS since 1776! Delicious SWEET GUMMY CANDY cooked in TRADITIONAL OPEN PANS. A generational recipe of HACI BEKIR’s Family, the creator of Turkish Delight

  • CRUNCHY ALMOND filled and SWEET COCONUT covered delight. A delicious treat for young & old. It will satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth. A confection that is SOFT and EASY to chew, a PLEASURE, and a TREAT for the palate

  • VEGAN, GLUTEN-FREE, HALAL, KOSHER, AND DAIRY-FREE Dessert - Your search for tasty, worry-free sweets with an addicting flavor is over! We use only pure sugar not glucose substitute or gelatin!

  • GREAT GIFT FOR ANY OCCASION – Birthdays, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Business, Ramadan, Bayram, Eid, Ayyam, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween, Boxing Day, and Christmas. Packaged in a sophisticated sustainable box, elegant enough to give as is

  • SHAREABLE SWEET TREAT DURING ANY OCCASION - Movie Watching, Drinking Coffee or Tea, Playing Board Games, Snacking at the office, and After Meals

Haci Bekir was the head confectioner to the Ottoman Court in the 18th Century.
Haci Bekir came up with the idea for Turkish Delight in 1777 and set up his shop in Bahcekapi, Istanbul. The story of the delight started with an angry emperor demanding a sweet but gummy candy to enjoy. Haci went back to the palace kitchen to work.
He mixed water, sugar, corn starch, cream of tartar and rosewater, cooked it up, poured the mixture into a flat pan slicked with almond oil, and let it cool.
Then he sprinkled it with powdered sugar, cut it into bite-sized chunks and…his hand trembling, his eyes bright with anticipation, his mind fraught with trepidation, his lips quivering to receive the morsel…he bit…
No crack... No shower of sugary splinters scattering through his oral cavity? His life was saved!
It did not take long for this sweet creation to become the darling of the Ottomans as well as Europeans. It has even been written in famous Chronicles of Narnia!
More than 200 years later Haci’s family is still on the same spot. Still making Turkish Delights and other treats as a family business.
Simplicity of its ingredients allows a whole world of flavors. From rose, nuts to chocolate coated Lokums.